Whats Thats Smell in the Kitchen

Topics: Feeling, Woman, Emotion Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: April 14, 2013
What’s That Smell in the Kitchen?
The speaker in this poem is talking to an audience. From reading, this poem is about women wanting respect which can be inferred that the speaker may be a female. The setting is around the time of 1982 in the household of a woman who are angry and unhappy. Line 10 says anger sputters in her brainpan, that they are really angry. Another part of the poem goes off to say, “If she wants to grill anything, it’s her husband spitted over a slow fire,” showing that in fact the setting had to be within the household.

The poem is about upset women all over the America who do not feel respected as women by men. Different examples are used to describe how much anger the speaker is feeling, as well as women in general. An example of this is when they used the woman that wanted to grill her husband, serve him a dead rat with a bomb in its belly. Towards the end of the poem, the speaker goes on to say how they once felt or was treated to how it changed to something else, using the food symbolically.

The way the poem was told or worded, the mood of the speaker was obviously mad and angry. In parts of the poem, the feelings of the speaker were describing things that are used in war. Line 10 said missiles, line 16 used bomb, and also the last line had war in it. The words symbolized women as a whole, fighting against men for their respect. You can feel the sadness from the from the speaker, starting at line 18 until you get to the line before the last line. It goes from talking about negative things the woman wants to do to her husband to the speaker saying how she feels being viewed by her man. The last line the speaker shows a little bit of anger when saying, “Burning dinner is not incompetence but war.”

The point for writing this poem was very well expressed. It felt like for every line that was written in the form it was, it’s purpose was to show the reader or audience the exact emotion the speaker was feeling on every line. I could...
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