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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Johnathan Foster
English 102
Pittman, Instructor
Argument Essay
Bullying Needs to Cease
As a teenager, all I want is the world to live in peace and harmony. However, everyone knows that is not going to happen. People are going to dislike each other, hate each other, and, of course, have many disagreements. This does not justify bullying, though. Bullying is uncaused for, and it is destroying our nation. It needs to be stopped immediately. In school or where it may be, bullying, in all forms, needs to cease for it can lead to violence, mental health problems, and poisoned educational environments.

It is okay to joke with your friends, but when it hurts others, its turns to bullying. It can lead to violence from both ends. While minor bullying is just teasing, talking about, or laughing at someone, major bullying can be anything from throwing items at a person to starting a gang fight. When someone is being bullied, he/she can feel the need to defend herself by fighting. Vice versa, a bully may feel that the minor bullying is not bothering the victim, and he/she may want to take it a step further by fighting. Some bullies may even use weapons and endanger the lives of others. In addition to fighting and the use of weapons, bullies (which we call criminals) commit homicides. Their violence leads to death. Some victims of bullying take it as far to even commit suicide; bullying is not safe, no matter how big or small it may seem.

I am sure almost everyone who is sane wants to keep their sanity. Besides material things, it is all that some people have. Believe it or not, bullying can cause mental health problems for the victim as well as the bully.
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