Whats Eating Gilbert Grape?

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  • Published : April 12, 2011
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Gilbert Grape’s life changed after the arrival of a stranger in the visual text What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Everyday Gilbert worried and cared about others, this was his main concern. But this stranger made him really start thinking about himself “It’s what you do that really matters it doesn’t matter who you are but it what you do”. Becky makes Gilbert think about his values and beliefs, of life and also is the catalyst that speeds up and creates a new persona - one who dares to dream. As well as Gilbert and Becky, Gilbert’s mamma Bonnie changes. She hasn’t been out the house for seven years and is trying to make her feel better by eating. With the help of her children’s determination she tries her hardest to improve her health. During the film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape many of Gilberts actions are motivated and for his family and others. He works at the supermarket to supply an income and food for the family, he is always taking care of his dyslexic brother Arnie and he also helps take care of his obese mother. All of these actions are benefitting others in some way. He does this because a majority of his family are helpless and can’t do things for themselves. However things really begin to change when he meets a stranger named Becky. Becky really helps him realise that there is more to life that caring for others and that he has to look after himself. When she asks what Gilberts dream is he reply’s “A new house, a family, mamma to do aerobics, new brain for Arnie and I want to be a good person.” This dream of his really shows us that all he wants in life is for others to feel good and be happy. Her determination at making Gilbert think more about himself than others helps Gilbert become a better and more relaxed person.
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