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  • Published: October 9, 2008
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Chapter 25
Mental Health Promotion With Children and Adolescents

Chapter 25 provides a framework for promoting the mental health of children and adolescents. It explores the ways that young people cope with common life stressors, identifies risk factors for psychopathology and provides intervention approaches for mental health promotion and risk reduction.

Child abuse and neglect
Developmental delay
Early intervention programs
Family preservation
Fetal alcohol syndrome
Formal operations
Protective factor
Psychoeducational programs
Risk factor
Social skills training

Grief in childhood
Invincibility fable


Teaching Challenge: Many of the students will have experienced the childhood problems that are explored in this chapter. Encouraging discussion of students’ experiences may be useful in helping them understand the impact of these problems, but it also may open psychological wounds that have healed. Tread lightly when facilitating student self-disclosure.

1. Remind students that many of these theories can also be found in Chapter 6, Theoretic Basis of Psychiatric Nursing. 2. Assign Critical Thinking Challenge Questions and Study Guide questions. 3. Assign the following movies to the students:

a) Antwone Fisher: 2002.
Summary: This is the true story of a young naval officer who grew up in the foster care system and endured horrible abuse. The autobiography, called Finding Fish, gives an even more detailed, riveting account of this young man’s ability to overcome his abusive childhood, find his biological family and grow into a loving husband and father.

Viewing Points:
Explain how Antwone’s violent outbursts in the Navy may have developed as an outcome of his childhood experiences of loss, abuse and poverty. •What do you think allowed Antwone to ultimately express his anger more...
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