Ethan Mulhern per 2
Hard Life of Max
How many friends do you have? In the story Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick, Max has no friends at the start of the story until he meets Freak. In this story his friend Kevin (Freak) is short and has a disease. Max is big and tall. The two traits Max shows are that he is depressed and doubtful. Max is depressed throughout the story. Max goes under his bed and is dreaming, saying, “Your nothing, your nobody, nothing matters, your not even there.”(pg21) Max is depressed because he is in the learning disabled class all by himself. He is living with his grandparents because his mom was murdered by his dad and his dad is in jail. After Freak dies Max says, “I felt like a balloon that somebody let the air out of me and I didn’t care if I ever got the air back, because what does it really matter if we are all going to die in the end.” (pg. 158) Max feels like he has no brain so he doesn’t try to use it to learn and answer questions. For a year after Freak died Max did nothing except sit in his room. It wasn’t until Loretta tells Max to do something with his life that he begins to write a book. Max is depressed because of things that happened in his life. Max is uneasy about some of the adventures him and Freak go on. He doesn’t want to sneak out to get the purse from the sewer. Gram says for Max to promise about never going to the new tenements and he says “It’s not like I wanted to go into the Testaments…then the day after we pulled that soggy purse out of the sewer Freak explains how it’s okay to break a promise if you are on a quest.” (pg.63) As Freak wants to go on adventures Max gets more doubtful about what will happen. Even though he doesn’t want to go he still goes. Also, when Freak talks about getting a new robot body Max asks Freak, “But why do you want to be the first? Can’t someone else be first? Isn’t it dangerous?” (p. 53) Max is worried that Freaks operation will go wrong and he will die. He feels like Freak...
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