What I Would Change If I Were Sma

Topics: Army Combat Uniform, United States Army, Present Pages: 1 (401 words) Published: July 9, 2008
At the present time, there are three things I would change about the US Army. One is that I would get rid of the Corporal rank. I know there are a lot of other people who feel the same and really, I don’t see the point in this rank at all. I know a lot of higher enlisted say that ‘A person becomes a CPL when there is a position of a NCO open and the individual does not have enough points to make SGT.’ There are SPC’s in charge of other soldiers. There are SPC’s in the position of Supply NCO. My point is that, just because we need someone in a NCO position, doesn’t mean we need to promote them to CPL.

The second thing I would change has to deal with maintaining the standards. I get disgusted when there is a standard set for a certain thing but then there’s one or two individuals come along and can’t quite meet the standards and the instructors or leaders will just let them go on. There’s too much going on in the Army of ‘He couldn’t even do it, why do I have to meet the standard if you just let him by?’ kind of stuff. I think it has a lot to do with the people administrating the test or training. They don’t feel like hurting anyone’s feelings so they just let them go. If someone can not meet the standards, just tell them! Why is that so hard? Do not lower the standards, help them adapt and overcome and build their motivation and morale!

Finally, the third thing I would change is the uniforms. The current Army Combat Uniform has its perks, like the Wash and Wear feature, but this uniform does not help the service member blend in with their background at all. People say that it helps a little in all environments, but I don’t want my uniform to help me out a little. I may not go back to the old BDU uniforms, but I would make more than one color of the digital pattern we are using today. Like the old uniforms, there was a pattern for jungle, desert, and arctic. I would rather have two pairs of every uniform that helps me blend in, than 4 pairs of the ACU’s....
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