What I Would Change as an Sma (Sergeant Major of the Army)

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What I Would Change As An SMA

The first thing that I would change as an SMA would be P.T. For the soldiers that cannot pass a certain part of a P.T. test I believe that the soldier should mainly focus on the part of their P.T. test that they failed. For example, say you did good on your push-ups and on your sit-ups but you failed your run. Well the majority of us do P.T. with the rest of our company and the P.T. we do is all around instead of being focused on one thing that certain soldiers need. I think we need ability groups for soldiers that need to work on their run, push-ups, and sit-ups so that they have a better chance at passing the next P.T. test they take.

The second thing I would change would be how many civilians we have working for the army. I work with some of these civilians and they get paid way more than we do. Well these civilians do jobs that soldiers can do themselves. So if we reduced the number of civilians that worked for us then the army could save more money and maybe even more time by doing so. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that we should have civilians still working for us for certain things, like cleaning, moving, certain training and maybe a few other things. But the things that a soldier can get an MOS out of shouldn’t be replaced by a civilian.

Last I think that the deployment time for the army should be reduced to six months instead of fifteen months. I believe that everyone in the army joined expecting to be deployed to Iraq, and there are some of us that just get to sit back and have a free ride while others are over there doing what I thought all soldiers did, and that’s getting their hands dirty. If we reduced the deployment time to six months, more soldiers would have a chance to get deployed and actually get the full effects of being a soldier. Some soldiers don’t want to be deployed but they should have thought about that before they joined the army, they need to soldier up and do what they have to do, and in the...
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