What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

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What I Want To Be When I Grow Up
‘What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?’ Is A Typical Question That Most Elders Ask Their Children.In The Past Choosing A Proffesion Was Easy The People Used To Follow Their Ancestral Proffesion.But In Today’s Generation Selecting A Proffesion Is Not An Easy Task.Everybody Needs To Work Hard To Get A Proffesion Of His/Her Own Choice,And With Many Unemployed Students Everybody Has To Join The Rat Race.But For Me Being A Scientist Is The Only Goal Of My Life. When I Was In 3rd Standard I Got Some Science Books As My Birthday Gift.After Reading Those Books I Felt That Science Was Interesting And Started Reading More Books Related To Science.I Also Started Participating In Compitative Exams.This Boosted My Intrest In Science,And I Started Thinking Of Science As A Career. There Are Two Dreams Which I Want To Accomplish After Being A Scientist. Firstly, I Want To Create A Technology In Which People Can Send Their Photograph To Another Person And The Sender’s Fictional Body Is Created In The Locality Where The Receiver Is Present.The Receiver Can Talk With The Body.And Secondly, I Want To Make A Time Machine : The Machine Which Can Travel In Time. This Machine Will Be Very Useful , For It Will Help Us To Predict Occurrences Of Earthquakes, Tsunamis And Many Other Natural Disasters Can Be Predicted Early On And Necessary Precautions Can Be Taken. One More Usefulness Is That It Can Be Used To Record The Events That Occurred In The Past And Make History Simple. To Conclude I Would Say That Achieving A Chosen Profession May Be Hard But If You Are Determined And Hard Working Then Nothing Will Stand In Your Way. As For Me, I Hope That One Day I’ll Be a Great Scientist.
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