what i wanna be when i grow up

Topics: Lawyer, Law, Bachelor's degree Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: April 1, 2014
“What I want to be when I grow-up”
By: Lauren Phillips

When I grow-up, I would like to become a prosecuting attorney (A prosecutor is the lawyer that will bring charges against a criminal. Then try them in court. They work for the government to put away the bad guys.). Because, I believe that I can take on the task of enforcing criminal laws among those who supposable “broke the law”. I also believe that I will feel satisfactory knowing that I could have possible keep another criminal of the streets.

In order for me to pursue my career, I am looking anywhere from 4 to 5 years in undergraduate studies, and a further three years of law school: a total of 7 or 8 years. And I also have to attain my bachelor’s degree before I can go to law school. The first year and a half of law school, I will most likely be learning the core subjects: contracts, civil procedure, and legal writing. After that, I will probably focus on these fields: corporate law, law tax, and so forth If I graduate from law school, I will receive a jurist doctor’s degree. I will make an income based on my years of experience, reputation for successfully litigating cases, and any specialized areas of practice. But to get a good salary I have to have an Advanced degree and by having that I will make something around $94,930 per year. For right now, my employment outlook is good, but that could change overtime.

I will most likely stay in this area, or some were close, I will most defiantly have to look at that option, but if there’s a job that pays good, but is a little further that I would like I would have to consider that based on the location, the crime rate, and or the job itself.

The need for this type of job is good in this area of. I would really like to stay close to the part of Virginia were I am close to my family and friends and all of my necessity’s. The income for my career in this region of Virginia is average. I chose this career because I always sensed a spark about...
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