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What I Learned in World Music

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What I Learned in World Music

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  • December 2011
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Allan Johnston
World music
My class life
My class life
In this paper, I will tell you about what i have learned in Miss Underwood’s world music and culture class. I will also tell you about the people I have meet and the effects that they have had on my class experiences. I will tell you about what I have learned along with how I apply these things to every day life.

My time in this class has been an experience that I will never forget I have learned so much from Miss Underwood. She has given me a new out look on the way I see music in my life. She has shown me that there is more music in the world then what I thought. She has opened my eyes on new cultures in the world. She has shown me many different forms and way music can be used.

Miss Underwood has also shown that music is a way to communicate with other cultures. She has shown us that it is like a form of a universal language. That music is a way to communicate with anyone, because everyone speaks the language of music. It is a way to communicate without words.

During my time in her class, I have heard many different forms of music. Celtic rock, witch is a form of Irish rock music started in Ireland and converted over seas. Then you have rap, witch is a form of music developed in America on the streets and has grown remarkably in the new generations. There is also hip-hop, witch s more of a modern laid-back form of rap developed by the newer generation. There is metal, witch is a hard-core type of music that developed from rock. You also have reggae; witch is a Jamaican music that combines music and dance to express emotion. There is Chinese opera, witch is a form of music that uses dancing and costumes to honor the gods. As you can see, there are many different types of music. The list can just go on and on.

I have met many amazing people in my world music class. Many of them have shown me ways to look at music that I have not thought of before. Kevin peng, a foreign student from...

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