What I Learned from the Discovery Wheel

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  • Published : September 16, 2012
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Nelson Y. Irizarry Vargas
Prof. Amy Armstrong
6 June 2011
What I learned from the Discovery Wheel
Once I finished filling out the Discovery Wheel I noticed that the three highest scores were in Purpose, Attitude and Diversity. While the lowest scores where on Money, Notes and Tests. I started with the highest scores first but my favorite are the lower scores since they make me practice positive thinking. Purpose

As an IT Representative for a company in Puerto Rico, I have acquired lots of knowledge in the Information Technology industry. I’ve been looking for an opportunity to gain better skills and acquire new knowledge to support my success in my workplace. Studying full time, while working full time is a big challenge for me, although I know that with good planning and motivation I can succeed. As the head of the household I’m completely responsible of providing a good quality of life for my family and for myself. Through my studies I know I can reach my goals. I was not surprised to get a high score on Purpose. Purpose is one of my biggest motivations, it keeps me going. Attitude

Having the opportunity to become a bachelor in Information Technology is one big step to achieving my goals. A positive attitude is a must when it comes to pursuing goals. Sacrifice is needed to succeed, without a good attitude it becomes difficult to handle sacrifices. What I’m trying to say is that thanks to my positive attitude I have started the path not just to become a student, but to become a master student. Right now my attitude reflects how much I enjoy learning, but also informs me that I need to improve my learning techniques. Diversity

I was not surprised to get a high score on Diversity. In my line of work I’m constantly in contact with all kinds of people, which I really enjoy. I live and work in Puerto Rico, I consider myself bilingual although my first language is Spanish. I have to interact with people that speak Portuguese, English...
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