What I Learned During OJT

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I learned through experience how to interact and communicate with people. Knowing how to handle and tackle different issues  and still be diplomatic in both action and words is important. The whole experience of going to another country and facing issues that need to be addressed was quite memorable. Also, I was able to get a glimpse of how the United Nations works when I met new people during the trip.

THEY say that nothing beats experience, as my professor would say, as the perfect learning tool.  For some students, on-the-job training gives them a taste of the real world–a glimpse of what lies ahead after they graduate. These students share what they learned from their on-the-job training experiences, from a few tricks of the trade and bittersweet lessons, to the life principles they can live by. “One of the most important things I’ve learned is that talent alone is not enough. It is important, but it is no guarantee of success. One must also be hardworking and should practice self-discipline. Sacrifice is important, too.

“I learned to sacrifice a lot of things; I hardly have time for anything else. Even on weekends, I’m in the office.  Start with what you know, and remove the unknown. Simply put, begin at the beginning and then work on how to solve the problems one at a time.”

My role as an On-The-Job trainee of Xyber Solutions is more of documenting and maintaining the team’s projects. They let me update existing projects after they have sent to me the documents and I will be the one to manage the updates in the team’s site or in their Twiki Page. If there are new projects, my role is to create a link for it in their site and create the page as well. I also do tasks that they let me do like the first thing that I have done which is an html/css website for their PHP Project. While I was working on the task assigned to me, I was at first confused since I am not so much familiar with html and css but I managed to finish it and I am really proud about because I learned a lot from it. The next project assigned to me was creating ad pages using the Openx server. This is something unusual and I am very much proud of while I was doing because the ad is specifically for a mobile device. I got to learn also Openx and it was really awesome. Soon, the tasks assigned to me were testing of the functionality of their projects and what they assigned to me was create my personal account for over 300 social networking sites. As I was testing the functionality of their project to almost all sites in the Internet, I get to be so excited about the project as soon as it is deployed and launched. While I was working on all of those tasks, I am happy that I was able to apply the lessons I have got from my school. Although during those days when my professors were teaching and discussing to us different things about our course, I really was not paying my full attention but I’m happy that the things I got during the times I listened to my professor, I was able to apply in working on my tasks in Xyber Solutions. And from that I learned that every opportunity should not be missed and one of those opportunities is when you get to be fed with information from other people most especially from professionals already like my instructors. I learned that if only I get to listen to them, I have done more than what I did during my internship. But then, I would have to leave that as an experience and a lesson learned. The thing I did that I was really proud of to which I gave my best effort was the first project assigned to me and that is the interface for their mobile application. Although I could say that it is not as good as I know I could, I’m still happy because I did that and I get to learn more of the importance of CSS while doing that task. I was actually able to apply the HTML/CSS lesson I got in doing our Final academic paper and proud to say, I was the one who worked on the design of our website which is a little more mature and...
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