What I Learned

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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What I Have Learned

In this class I have learned so many different things about Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Each program that we covered has its uses in a professional setting. They also have many personal uses as well.

Microsoft Excel we were taught how to use excel to create budgets, and also how to take that budget and make it into a graph. This is really beneficial for me in my personal life, because I have never used a budget. Now I can’t monitor what I am spending and hopefully find places to cut back, and save some more money.

The next class was Microsoft Word, now most people know how to use word. It is pretty basic in that regard, typing papers etc. What I am really going to take away from it is that they have templates for any type of document you would want to create. This is really usefully and I will use this not only personally but at work as well.

The last class was Microsoft PowerPoint, now in high school I used PowerPoint on occasion. The thing I really learned from this class about PowerPoint is how to create and structure a PowerPoint, without making it to flashy or just throwing a bunch of information. This to me is the most important thing I have learned moving forward with my college career.

I am very thankful for this class and it being one of my first classes at Kaplan. The reason I feel this way is because learning more about these programs will not only help me in my future endeavors, but with my future classes as well.
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