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  • Published : June 10, 2012
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I have had the toughest time deciding what career path to choose, but I now believe that Medical Assisting is the best career path for me. Medical Assistants get to perform administrative and clinical duties under the supervision of a physician. Some of their duties include but are not limited to, recording patients’ medical history, preparing and maintaining examination rooms, collect blood, and authorize drug refills to pharmacies. A Medical Assistant can decide if they want to specialize in a particular area of interest if they choose.

Different kinds of skills are needed to become a Medical Assistant. Some include, Knowledge of the structure and content of the English language, active listening, social perceptiveness, and service Orientation. The toughest skill for me to master will be social perceptiveness. I have a tough time with emotions and understanding why some people react the way they do. When someone is crying, my first impulse has always been to make a joke to try to make him or her laugh. People usually don’t like that. I will have to learn to control my first impulse and just console. I need to learn to be a shoulder to cry on if needed.

I have already learned a lot about my future career in the short three weeks I have been a student. My interest profiler score report revealed that a social career is my best fit. People with social interests like helping and being of service to people. Medical Assistant is at the top of this list. The personality traits needed to do well in this career include, attention to detail, dependability, self-control, Integrity, and concern for others. I need to practice my attention to detail by receive tutoring and practicing, but I believe I posses the rest of the personality traits to excel in this career.
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