What I Did in the Summer of 2010 and My Goals

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  • Published : September 30, 2010
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Adam Millburn Language Arts 9/07/10 Goal Letter Dear Mr. Simone,

Summer 2010 was great for me. I did a lot of stuff this summer and hung out with a lot of friends but the highlight was riding to Wasco every Saturday morning. I would meet up with Chris Impson and we would usually hang out for the whole day. I live in St. Charles so I would have a 8 mile ride down there and sometimes we would ride bikes all the way back to my house so it was quite the work out. Other days I would ride my bike to Wasco and meet up with Christopher then ride to another friends house and spend the day there. I am really satisfied with the way my summer went. I did more than just saw friends though, I went to Wisconsin, spent a week in Missouri by myself, and rode dirt bikes on our farm. While I was in Missouri I did a lot like help my Grandpa out and played a lot of baseball. Baseball is definitely my favorite sport and I did a lot of practicing over the summer. I play pitcher, and am excited to hopefully play for North soon. The last thing you should know about my summer is I got a pool put in and I enjoy swimming in it with my one year old Yorkie.

The first thing you should know about my reading ‘skill’ is that I never really get into a book unless I really like it. I have only got into a book 3 or 4 times before and when I do I usually finish it the day I start it. But if I have a goal to meet I will do what I have to do to get there. When I am falling behind with my reading goal my mom is usually the one to remind me. When it comes to writing I am not to skilled at that either. I always feel pretty proud of my writing pieces. I usually spend over an hour on my letters or reflections. But when it comes to grading time I don’t...
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