What I Assume, Imagine, or Think I Know: the Value of Elementary Education

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  • Published : October 27, 2010
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What I Assume, Imagine, or Think I Know: The Value of Elementary Education

The study of elementary education is extremely valuable, important, and a necessity. Majoring in education helps a student develop a wide range of skills that will benefit them in every area of their life. Education majors learn to communicate, listen, speak, think critically, and be a support system for their students, their families and the community around them. Once the student has graduated they then have the option of what age level and subject they would like to teach. They also have to option between private and public, special needs or gifted. Education majors better themselves by acquiring a broad base of knowledge and an ability to place one’s self in another’s shoes. Teachers expand their horizons by learning and exploring every subject though a child’s eyes. The teacher must continue to come up with new strategies to help every student reach their full potential. To be affective with this, they need to not only know the traditional subjects (math, science, English, history) but they must also be familiar with psychology, sociology, human relations, and ethics. Our children are our future. Every society needs to educate their children to allow their community to continue to grow and better benefit their people. Education is a fundamental building block to every community. By educating these new little minds, they will help us to hopefully overcome racism, hunger and poverty. Knowledge is power. Finally, the study of elementary education will be valuable in every area in a student’s life. A person never stops learning throughout their life time. Teachers master the concepts of relationships, communication, critical thinking, and patients – all areas that affect us in our everyday life. They learn to think “out of the box”. What I did

To explore my major more in depth I completed many forms of research. I based my research off of a few questions I wanted to answer....
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