"What I'Ve Learned About Life...a Letter to a Cheating Husband" by Coni

Letter from a wife to her cheating husband

Yes I am continually amazed at your behavior. You tell me you love and That you want to be with me forever. You say I am your best friend but, Best friends don't treat each other the way you treat me. You treat me as if I am a number one class fool. You say you want me to trust you but yet Again...you have lied to me. You told me the other day you weren't talking to Her...then you had the nerve to look at me funny when I wanted you to be really specific with me and say you weren't talking to her in any way. I guess in your way email or should I say SECRET EMAIL is not talking...just typing. You want to know my passwords but, you don't give me yours or even let me know you even have a secret email. I know ...then it wouldn't be a secret now would it. You tell your friends how you got it trouble with the email but you sure didn't learn anything from it did you? How do you expect me to trust you. Every day I try and say to myself you deserve another chance but you keep ABUSING the tiny trust I'm trying to build up in you. I often wonder how You would feel if I did these things to you. Please tell me why is it so hard for you to leave Her alone? You cannot even tell me you aren't intimate. Your behavior speaks for itself. You act as if you are addicted to having some kind of contact with her. Why is that? It must be pretty serious to jeopardize your 27 years of marriage. You cannot continue to keep having contact with her. I know exactly when you are COMMUNICATING with her. She doesn't call me when she can talk to you unless she wants me to know that she is talking to you. And, yes she does call, you keep wanting to know how I know. Well, I guess the last time she called me, she couldn't stand the fact that I wasn't playing into her hands so she decided to speak. It's so strange how you will believe someone unstable minded, but you won't believe the one who hasn't given you any reason to mistrust. So I DO...
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