What "A Modest Proposal" Meant to Me.

Topics: Jonathan Swift, Satire, A Modest Proposal Pages: 1 (297 words) Published: November 23, 2010
Odelia Clark
September 23, 2010
Journal Entry
A Modest Proposal
By Jonathan Swift

Even though it was a satirical essay, you could read between the lines the anger he had towards the English Protestants that inflicted abuse on the Irish Catholics. The part I really enjoyed was his reference to the children being substantial enough for the landlords, since they had already devoured the parents, meaning the landlords had robbed them in a sense they had eaten them up, I just like the way he put that. Mr. Swift not only talked about the English but, he satirizes the Irish for accepting the abuse for as ling as they di instead of taking matters into their own hands. I found the essay to be humorous and sad in a way. Actually it not so far fetched from what is going on in today’s society. In some place there are still those kind of slum lords, and business owners who when it comes to certain urban areas and job opportunities they feel you deserve to be in that place and will try to keep you there, because of race, sexuality, or your financial history. Some people with more means than others treat people with low-income very poorly. Some even look down on you if you are on some sort of fixed-income or welfare. I’ve even heard conversations where some people will say those people on welfare are just lazy; they just want to milk the system. Now, some are on the system for the wrong reasons, but there are those who actually need help. I feel people should just be careful of how you view others backgrounds, we all know how we got here but, we don’t know how we will leave.
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