What a Fresh Taitung

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What a Fresh Taitung
When people want to relieve the pressure and have a relaxing trip, I believe Taitung is a good city to visit. Taitung is the eastern of Taiwan and near the Pacific Ocean. With lofty mountain and serene sky, it is just like a magnificent landscape painting. I study and live in Taitung, I went to a lot of beautiful places and that’s why I recommend Taitung to people. Taitung is a natural and beautiful city of Taiwan; therefore, in vacation time, many tourists would come here for trip. You can see that first, the mountain and sea scenery here is really spectacular. Second, you can feel the fresh air which you can’t feel in western cities. Third, people in Taitung are always friendly when you need help. In contrast to some big cities, there are many natural scenes in Taitung. If you come here by train, you can see green mountain and blue sea just beside you. We seldom have chance to see lots of scenery in some western cities and it is precious in Taitung to see those beautiful things. Clean sea water and green mountain are the best standard to attract people to visit here. Seeing a lot of natural beauty can help you to relax, since people are all under pressure about busy life. Secondly, if we live in western city, we can know the air is really uncomfortable for people. My hometown is in Kaohsiung which has many factories exhaust dirty gas. On the contrary, Taitung’s development is not as quick as western cities, and that’s why the air in here is cleaner. It’s unhealthy if we stay in dirty air for long time, so why not come to Taitung to feel fresh air? Besides, the fresh air can also help us to loosen our irritable mind. I inhales fresh air every morning and it is really comfortable. The third reason is that people in Taitung are always kind when you need some help. Many students came from western cities; most of them are not familiar with Taitung’s traffic. People in here will always help you when you ask for them and they...
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