What You Saw Is What You Reap

Topics: Normal distribution, As Time Goes By, Time Pages: 3 (1009 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Taken for Granted

It’s exhausting being a student, for it acquire great responsibility ---- obligations that sharpens ones skills and mind, enhance ones personality and create a strong and wise men ---- a normal student like me may find it hard to do some extra-curricular tasks and be involved to other organizations actively participating in school-related activities and all; I do not consider joining and participating to some ORG or clubs important. What I value the most is to complete all my enrolled units, attend all my subjects and be a normal student, I suppose, most of students here in Bicol University also thinks the same.

One rainy morning last December 2011, the news broke out about the Typhoon Sendong, hitting the Philippines which brought relentless rain, great flood, strong winds, and death of animals, herds, people etc., destroying large number of properties, leaving people with sorrow, grief, burden and repentance.

Some did the pointing fingers and some accepted the fact that they lack of doing something and need to face reality that Philippines, people do suffer the consequence. The news lasted for almost couple of weeks; all I’ve seen and heard from the news were all about the complaints by the thousands of Filipinos begging for help pleading to others to offer them some helping hands for they need support for everything. Gigantic logs hit the houses that caused for it to be destroyed, foul odor came from unfound bodies buried under the muds, lacking of food supplies, potable water, and not enough space suitable for people to stay, dress and many more ---- common things that people from affected areas suffers.

Due to the existence of media their demand were heard all over the continent. Making many people empathized and sympathized to their agony, I wonder, why some people need to vulgarize and announce the things that they’ve done in order to ease the suffering of others, why don’t they help silently and purely and...
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