What You Pawn I Will Redeem

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  • Published : May 18, 2011
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Part A
The first part of this assignment asks us to list three pieces of fiction that you have read. This question is not easy for me being that I haven’t read many books in my lifetime. The only book I have read is the Holy Bible. I have read several books to my children such as The Three Little Pigs, and Little Red Robin and other children nursery rhymes short stories. What I liked about reading the stories to my children was watching and listening to them asks questions about the story and seeing their expression when the big bad wolf tried to blow their houses down. What I like about the Bible is it is full of quotes and stories that give me encouragement when I am going through. I read my Bible when things are not going right in my life and I can find comfort in the scriptures. The books of Psalms are considered songs that can comfort you, and convict you. When I read my bible I feel a connection with God, and this is a wonderful experience. The Bible teaches me how I am to treat my neighbors. It teaches me that if I don’t work then I can’t. It prepares me for Jesus return and if I want to make heaven my eternal home then I have to follow the guidelines that are in the 66 books of the bible. Literature to me is reading different ways that writers put words together and make it into a story, a poem and other reading material. Literature is a source of expression of one’s thoughts that is put onto paper for others to read and gain insight on other people’s thoughts. Literature comes in different forms such as books, and magazines. There are other ways literature can be enjoyed by everybody even if you have a disability such as a blind person can use Braille and listen to a book in audio format. My thoughts on why I think literature is valuable or a waste of time is I have mixed feeling about this. I believe literature is valuable because it helps us to understand the thoughts of others. Literature is valuable in this day and age because if...
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