What You Need to Be a Good Nurse

Topics: Physician, Patient, Doctor Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: October 16, 2010
Listening Skills: One of the most important traits a nurse can have is good listening skills. This can be either on the patient, or it can be on the doctor end. When you have good listening skills, the patients are better off in your care because you can tell the doctor what they are feeling and they feel like you actually care about their needs.

Double Check Instructions: Good nurses always double or sometimes triple check their instructions. This can be from the test the doctor ordered on the chart or the shot they are ready to give a patient.

That Special Touch: In order to be a good nurse, you need that "special touch." You know just how to make the patients bed, or give them a sponge bath in their bed. You know how to make them feel like you are their grandmother, someone who really cares about their wellbeing.

Be Observant: There are many people and things around you. Being observant to the doctors, the patients, and the personnel is a good way to prevent mistakes or situations where someone could get hurt. Good example: there is a patient in room 261 who has a problem breathing which you can hear when you walk by their room. You can either A: ignore them, B: go ask the nurse who has them to check on them, or C: actually go in the room and check on the patient. If you had chosen C, you might have noticed that their oxygen level had dropped considerably and they needed immediate attention. Being observant to your environment is a great trait for nurses.

Attitude: Have you ever noticed that when you have a bad day and express it, people around you start to have a bad day? That is why nurses need to have a positive attitude when they are in their work environment. Now if you had just lost your only son to cancer, then yes your countenance will be sorrowful. Yet you need to lay aside your personal life (your argument with your husband, the messy room of your son) and make your patients' day as bright as possible.
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