What Would You Say to Someone Who Thinks Educaton Doesn’t Matter , or That College Is a Watse of Time or Money?

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What would you say to someone who thinks educaton doesn’t matter , or that college is a watse of time or money?

In my opinion, I would say to a person that thinks college is a waste of time is that would you rather be without money for the rest of your life or have a great job that can support you later in life and you’re family. I would also tell them that college is not a waste of time, just think having a degree with your name on it look what I have accomplished. I would feel proud that I cared about my future enough and took the time and effort to get that degree. I would tell the person that once you worked hard and completed the degree you would be proud of yourself. There are so many ways that college can benefit a person. You have so many choices to choose from to study and learn. You can be a surgeon, a professional doctor or even a well respected commander in chief of the army with college experience. College is does comes with a cost and in some cases may cost around $25,000 to $45, 000. However, with effort of writing essays and applying scholarships it will help with the cost of college. If you put forth effort with hard-work and dedication in the end you will receive your prize. Not everyone feels this way about college some people think they can work at Whataburger or Mcdonalds and have a successful life, but you wont you will probably feel miserable and regret your decision. The reason for going to college is for a better life and to further train your brain to think critically. You have to go to college with a purpose not because your parents say so or your friends or even your teachers. You have to know your purpose, so you can remain focus and dedicated to completing your studies. I want to go to college and do my very best and meet my goals of becoming a Medical Doctor.

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I would say to a person that thinks college is a waste of time is that would you rather be without money for the rest of...
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