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  • Published : March 23, 2013
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A group of British Boys, Marooned on an Island

A group of British school-boys find themselves marooned on an island (perhaps in the Pacific Ocean). They were being transported by an aircraft from England to some safer country on account of a nuclear war which had broken out in Europe. When, on the way, the aircraft caught fire the pilot released the detachable passenger-tube carrying the school-boys. The passenger-tube crash-landed on this island, and most of the boys managed to come out of it although some were trapped in the passenger-tube which was soon carried away by the waves into the open sea and lost.

At first the boys who have landed on the island get scattered but soon they are able to get together when one of the boys by the name Ralph, having discovered a conch-shell, happens to blow it. Ralph now suggests that the boys should have a chief to guide them and to direct their activities. A boy called Jack, who is the leader of a group of choir-boys, says that he should be accepted as the chief because he is chapter-chorister and head boy and because he can sing C sharp. But Ralph says that the chief should be chosen by votes. As the majority of the boys are in favour of Ralph, Ralph declares himself as the duly elected chief. Ralph now frames certain rules regarding the holding of meetings of the boys and about the conduct of these meetings. He says that, if anyone wishes to address the assembly at any meeting, he should ask for the conch and should hold the conch in his hands.

Ralph Elected as the Chief. His Constructive Suggestion

A conflict now begins between Ralph and Jack. Ralph had allowed Jack to continue as the leader of his choir-boys. Jack had the designated his choir-boys as the “hunters”. Having seen pigs on the island, Jack makes plans to hunt down and kill them in order to obtain meat for boys who feel fed up with the fruit which they have to eat everyday to keep themselves alive and who are craving for meat. Jack is a boy of...
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