What Would You Do in a World Without Tv, Mobile and Internet

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Tick the correct answer:
1. How many numbers greater than 400 can we get using the digits 3,7,4 each time? a) 2b) 3c) 4d) 5
2. 4 sets of 10=5 sets of ___
a) 8b) 9c) 14d) 15
3. Which number should be subtracted from the greatest four digit number so as to get the greatest 3 digit number a) 9900b) 999c) 900d) 9000
4. How many numbers from 1 to 50 will have the digit 5 in ones place a) 6b) 5c) 4d) 1
5. Make a four digit smallest even number by using the digits 6,9,0,4 Which digit will come in hundreds place? a) 9b) 2c) 0d) 16
6. The successor of 7 more than 7507 is ____
a) 7515b) 7514c) 7516d) 7510
7. Instead of adding 100 to 900 Harish subtracted 100 from 900 By how much is his answer wrong? a) 200b) 10c) 100d) 1000
8. I am a product. My multiplicand is 13 and multiplier is 5 less than the multiplicand. What number am I? a) 65b) 117c) 104d) none of these
9. Add the three consecutive odd numbers after 900 What is the sum? a) 2706b) 2709c) 2906d) 2907
10. Take away 15 sets of 15 from 300 The answer is ____
a)315b) 75c) 525d) 270
11. The sum of 48 and 12 is added to the product of 12 and 4 the answer is _ a) 108b) 12c) 48d) 60
12. Think of a number. If you add 9 times, the sum is 117 What is the number? a) 12b) 13c) 14d) 15
13. There are some 10 rupees notes in a bundle. Which one of the following indicates the total value of these notes? a) 50b) 55c) 75d) 45
14. How many tens are there in 280?
a) 80b) 280c) 20d) 28
15. Which of the following date is wrong?
a) 28-01-98b) 04-02-96c) 30-03-97d) 31-04-99

16. How many numbers from 100 to 200 are greater than 150? a) 49b) 51c) 50d) none of these
17. 19 boys and 13 girls in a class. What fraction of children are girls?...
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