What Would You Do?

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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Abbey Ellingboe
What Would You Do?
Business Ethics

There are several ethical issues in this story. The first one i noticed was Jane not telling her Chuck that Ralph was back to drinking and she was concerned about him. The next one was Jane not telling Michelle about Ralph’s drinking problem. Another one was Ralph not telling Jane about his problem before he did. The very last one was the sergeant calling Jane to come pick Ralph up from the police station so he wouldn’t get charged.

There is a lot of things that could be done to help other people out. Jane could of told Chuck that Ralph was back to drinking and she was worried about him. Jane could of also told Michelle, “ Ralph is well suited for position but just as your friend I am going to tell you right now that he is back to drinking and I don’t want him to hurt your company’s sales”. Ralph should of told Jane or is Uncle Chuck, whichever person he felt more comfortable telling, that he was back to drinking so that they knew and could decide whether to let him go or to help him out again like they did in the past. If I was Jane I would of went right down to the station to get Ralph and then tell him that she was going to help him get through this all and if he needed anybody to talk to or help to call her.
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