What Would Happen If Half of the Canadians Died

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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What Would Happen If Half Of The Canadians Died?
By Steffi Bael

Have you ever wondered what would happen if half of the Canadians died? Well in the next few paragraphs I will be explaining what would happen. Hypothetically speaking, if half of the population in whole Canada vanished, definitely a severe suffering of economy would happen. We are all independent on our resources for living, natural and especially the human resources that create and transform the raw natural resources to usable and viable products. Some big manufacturing companies our found food from Alberta, and natural resources from British Columbia. There are the big resources that helped our economy grow. If 50% of this will just die, there’s a struggling economy for there is not enough manpower to develop our natural resources nor any people that consume and use our finish products. In short, there’s no money saved for there’s money coming in.

If half of Canadians died then there would be fewer consumers for products. Fewer companies and less money would flow slowing down the economy. People would be less likely to go out being scared of more death so they will stay in. Leaving events, stores, and possibilities of the flowing of money dead on its tracks. If half the Canadians died then the economy would be dead, as well as businesses. But on the plus side, there would be plenty of job openings.

In crime, with more people dying, less people to stop. Think of it like the natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina. Tons of people died, not even half but still crime went up. Everyone stole so they would have a chance to live.

Another question comes up in my mind; would the food be more expensive? Well that would be a harder situation considering what the people think. In one situation people would want to stock up on food in case of the shortage. But second case, less demand on food...
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