What Work Is Really for

Topics: English-language films, Quality, Marketing Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Salwa Saif
Professor M. Coppola
March 08, 2013

The current work situation made people believe that work might be a bad thing to do, Gary Gutting in his article “ What Work is Really For.” Showed some concerns about this situation. People began to go after jobs that are mostly in need to the market, to be able to stay in track with all the bills before their due date. In fact he also mentioned that people are leaving their dream careers, their passion to do what they enjoy and good at. Following your market needs will keep you away from getting your quality of life, he also mentioned that consumers began to buy products that were made believe by massive advertising that they provide life quality, which most humans are missing from their jobs nowadays. Gutting Provided all the real concerns that are being let out to the public from their action on following the market needs, Gutting had also blamed the education system for this problem, because of the lack of training to agents who are about following their passion to a specific career other than what the community wanted with the guarantee of having a job to count on in the field they are looking for. As of both Aristotle and Gutting believe to “work for the sake of leisure,” which it’s exactly the opposite of what society is teaching future generations, younger people are going off track of what they believe will bring comfort and joy to their lives and to be able to pay the bills. Uncomfort and lack of quality in a career will definitely persuade people to look for what does, that’s why some products that has no need to have are being produced and sold to bring back the quality of life, and the feeling of being wealthy, that is making people believe that work might be a bad thing.

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