What "Wit" Suggests About Redemption

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  • Published : May 22, 2006
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Wit, written by Margaret Edson, is a story of redemption. The story portrays Vivian, the main character as a person trying to redeem herself for her un-compassionate pre-cancer life. Vivian struggles to redeem herself by trying to fill an emptiness inside her. She tries to fill the emptiness she feels with her interactions with Susan, a nurse, and Jason, a researcher on a "fellowship". While she is doing this she is also struggling with flashbacks of a life lesson that was taught to her by her English professor, Ashford. Vivian struggles with the fact that Ashford told her that a scholar cannot be sentimental. She realizes that her following his advice is the reason she is dying of cancer alone, because her lack of compassion limited her socially.

The fact that Vivian wants to seek grace in spite of her fatal condition shows that she is disgraced with her pre-cancer life. It also shows that though she is disgraced with it, she has accepted what she has done in her life and now wants to redeem herself. Vivian wants to live the rest of her life giving to people what she had never given them before. That is, her compassion. Vivian begins to hate and shun her relationship with her professor of English in university. She sees her as the root cause of the problems she is experiencing now. Her professor had given her advice that she had wrongfully followed, and now she was regretting it, dying of cancer alone. That advice given to Vivian by her professor was that a scholar should never be sentimental. She followed this advice and so strictly she isolated herself from other people and now was dying, alone. This shows that Vivian understands why she is in the present situation she is. Vivian has become more down to earth with her acceptance of her situation, and the acceptation that she is now an inferior human being in her new home, the hospital. This acceptance shows that Vivian knows her present situation and has maturely not tried to rise above it. Vivian's...
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