What Will Be the Effect of Seeds in a Pot That Are Exposed in Smoke?

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  • Published : January 4, 2013
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Project Title
What will happen if a plant is exposed in Smoke (Car Exhaust)?



The seed contains an embryonic plant in an inactive condition and germination is its resumption of growth. The young plant, protected by varying layers of living and dead tissues has reserves for metabolism. In some seeds development starts as soon as water absorbed but in others germination does not take place until additional requirements are fulfilled. Three distinct stages are evident in germinating seeds, namely ambition of water, cell elongation and increase in cell number. In a physiologic sense the start of germination depends upon coupling of respiration of growth. The established seedlings result from resumption of development and its continuation through growth. Seed germination requires water, temperature, oxygen and light. Water is the fundamental to seed germination. Most species have a threshold water potential (water available in a given substrate) that result in optimum emergence. Temperature is next to water that is the most important factor. In dry state seeds are very resistant to temperatures both high and low. Temperature affects both germination rate and percentage. The 3 important temperature points can be characterizing seed germination. One is the minimum, lowest temp for germination to occur. Second is the maximum, highest temp above which injury of dormancy occurs. Last is the optimum, highest % or seed germinate and the highest rate. Oxygen or Aeration, O2¬ is required for respiration, excess water limits diffusion of O2¬. Trade off between sufficient water and too much water. Light, both quality (wavelength) and duration (photoperiod) can influence some species. Usually small seeded species will often germinate better with light exposure.

Our experiment is to find out if smoke from car exhaust causes the seeds of Chinese Cabbage to germinate faster. The...
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