What Were the Underlying Causes of Wwi Dbq Essay

Topics: World War I, World War II, German Empire Pages: 3 (899 words) Published: May 13, 2013
World War I was a major event of deaths, disasters, causes and effects on the European countries. World War I was a war against three European countries England, France, and Russian versus Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary. Friedrich Engels explains in The Origins of the First World War (Doc A) the aftermath of the Thirty Years War caused many devastating effects like famine, sickness, want and brutalizing the population and this is being compared to World War I saying that the same outcome happened in three or four years instead of thirty. World War I was caused by different factors nationalism is one of the major causes, the fight over colonies, and the expenditure on the armies to cause such a massive war. The Franco-Russian Military Convention (Doc E) explains that France and Russian will work together to help each other when either are attack by the enemy. This document is helpful, but it does not follow the 3 that are being explained. These factors alone could have caused the war itself but there are still many others to be explained another time.

Nationalism was the one major and true factor of the war, nothing could come close to how major this played in World War I. Beginning with Emile Zola in The Origins of the First World War (Doc B) a country had to have a strong army in order for the country to live. Even states once a country loses its army then the country will die out (Doc B). Continued on by A French Citizen, Bertrand, and Kaiser Wilhelm II in The Origins of the First World War and The Guns of August (Doc C) many people supported nationalism and wanted war to happen by having shouts in public to help promote the reasons. John T. McCutcheon draws a picture (Doc G) showing how every country as people had a way to “point the finger at” each other country mainly Germany being the main victim against four others. A newspaper by Colonel Dragutin Dimitrevic using The Origins of the First World War (Doc I) Serbia is saying that the only way...
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