What Were the Origins of the 6 Day War of 1967?

Topics: Israel, Egypt, Six-Day War Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: March 15, 2012
What Were The Origins Of The 6 Day War Of 1967?

"Israel would stop at nothing to cancel the blockade. It is essential that President Nasser should not have any illusions."

Levi Eshkol - Prime Minister, Israel - May 19 1967

After a period known as the ‘Eleven Years of Peace’, which extended from 1956-67, the previous conflicts between the Israelis and the Palestinians appeared to have been nulled, and there were no military confrontations. This was mainly due to the fear that the Israelis had struck into their enemies, after their fearsome show at the Suez Crisis on the 29th October 1956, in which they captured the whole Peninsula in Egypt. However, on the contrast, the Egyptians, and hence the Arab countries had gained the backing of the USSR, who were looking to expand their sphere of influence into the Middle East. The latter, would prove a main reason for the eventual conflict between the Arabs and the Israelites, as the Arabs felt far more secure with the backing of a major superpower. Furthermore, Israel would be forced to defend themselves against the Arabs. Long-term causes of the Six Day War predate back to 1948. Firstly, Arab-Israeli enmity persisted since Israel's creation (the 14th of May 1948) by the UN-Partition-Plan, which was formally recognized from November of 1947. Jewish-Israel was carved into Palestine against the will of its Arab-residents due to religious and political reasons. Furthermore, Arab-Israeli border tensions increased due to the 1948-49 wars. Israel's invasion of more Palestinian land as reprisals to Palestinian-terrorist and Arab-Nations' resulted in more Palestinian-refugees. Thus, with Arabian-governments' continual refusals of Israel's existence, Israel refused to return Palestinian land, consequentially, relations worsened. This tension, undoubtedly, proved one of the major causes of this conflict. Nasser had failed to unite Egypt with their neighbours Syria, and was stuck in a long and seemingly futile civil war...
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