What Were The Main Reasons For The Bolshevic Takeo

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  • Published: February 1, 2008
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One of the main reasons for the Bolshevik take over of Russia was the war situation which effectively ground everything to a halt. This is shown in source E where Kerensky is appealing to the troops and he makes a speech saying that the country was 'in danger', what he means by this is that the rule of the Provisional Government is in danger and that people must do what they can to protect it, however he does not mean that there is any threat of them being over thrown but taken over by Germany and he totally dismisses the prospect of the Bolsheviks taking power, this could be a reason why the Provisional Government were overtaken because they did not suspect that the Bolsheviks would be any form of threat and so were taken by surprise. Source B shows that as a result of the war situation the economic situation got worse thereby causing massive inflation and this was increased by he fact that a lot of farmers were conscripted to fight, Both of these sources show that the problem arose from the effects of the war. This is also shown in source A where it gives examples of the areas that were effected, these included coal mining and also transport of goods, these areas would have been affected because all of the workers had been conscripted in to the army and so were unable to mine, also the transport system was affected due to lack of workers and so the goods were unable to be delivered. Source C shows the effect that the war had on people and how it prevented allot of people from being fed his was because of what was shown in source A which was that very little produce was being delivered to were it was needed. Source D shows that people are appeasing the war and have started up debating committees and are refusing to follow orders.

Another factor for the success of the Bolsheviks was the economic problems in Russia at the time. Source A shows to what extent and which areas were affected by the economic problems (these were partly because of the effects of war)...
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