What Was the Most Important Reason for Punishing the Killers of James Bulger

Topics: Murder of James Bulger, Bootle, New Strand Shopping Centre Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: April 23, 2013
What was the most important reason for punishing the killers of James Bulger?

The James Bulger case was the trial of the two boys, John Venables and Robert Thompson who in Merseyside, Liverpool, on the 12th February 1993 abducted and Murdered a 2 year old boy named James Bulger. The two boys were 10 at the time, however, in court were charged and convicted as adults due to the wickedness of the crime and the detectives believing that the boys were simply innately evil, and couldn’t have possibly learnt such behaviour. The boys were originally given a sentence of 15 years however it was shortened to 8. But what was the most important reason for punishing the two killers?

One of the reasons that the boys were punished was too to protect society. Personally I think that protection was an important reason to punish the boys, because they were clearly unstable, meaning that it was highly possible they could do a similar crime again. I think that not many people would disagree, and I think that parents of young children living in Merseyside would agree strongly, as they would feel their kids were highly unsafe knowing that there were people like them in their neighbourhood.

Another possible reason for the punishment of the two boys was deterrence, or to put others off doing a similar crime by making an example of the boys. I generally think that deterrent is an important reason for punishment as it stops others from doing the crime. For example in Singapore you are fined for chewing gum, meaning there is a lot less gum on the streets, however in this case I think that deterrence should not have been one of the most important reasons for the punishment because it was an extremely unusual crime as most 10 year olds do not have the mind set to kill another child, therefor there would be almost nobody to put off from doing it in the first place, however if the court were trying to make the boys a deterrent; I don’t think they did a very good job, as the boys...
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