What Used to Be a Great Past Time

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  • Published : November 19, 2012
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Summary Response Essay
16 July 2012
What Used to be a Great Pastime
Going to the movies has been a great pastime for many people in our society. The experience of going to the movies has changed over the years in America. It seems like the past years rudeness at the movie theaters has increased making the movie theater experience worse for everybody. Rudeness at the movie theaters has changed, now there are people always talking and ruining the movie, and people that bring small children with them to adult movies which can be very distracting with the children’s crying and ruining the movie for everyone else in the theater. In an article titled “Rudeness at the Movies,” Bill Wine talked how people being rude in the movie theater is an actual experience. Wine talks about different ways people can be rude at the theaters by distracting others. He also talks about how the complete movie theater experience that he doesn’t get as a movie critic; because he is a movie critic he is use to a private quiet theater with other critics. This shows how much of an experience it is to go the a public theater with the distractions and what also makes coming to the movies an attraction. Wine states in his article that the laughing crowd helps a lot during comedy movies. “Especially with comedies, the infectiousness of laughter is an important is an important ingredient of movie-watching pleasure” (741), these experiences actually make going to the movies an experience hated by some and loved by others. These actions are hated by some because there are obnoxious people into the theater. People often talk before and during the movies which is very annoying and people who has already seen the movie will talk about upcoming parts. Wine shows many times that people can be rude at the movie theaters but even though it is obnoxious it may help the experience (Wine 740-742). In the article “Rudeness at the Movies,” the author Bill Wine, it is quite obvious how...
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