What, Ultimately, Is the Meaning of Gregor’s Metamorphosis

Topics: Adam and Eve, Meaning of life, Original sin Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: April 7, 2011
Aaron Jones
English 11
-What, ultimately, is the meaning of Gregor’s metamorphosis?

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth. We all know the story. It’s one that we have been studying for years. God created Adam, and from him, he made Eve. Adam and Eve were pure and holy. God had made them in his image. However, Eve was tricked by the devil and eats an apple from the tree that which God had instructed was not to be eaten from. This was man’s first sin… In the novel, The Metamorphosis, Gregor was once “pure”, in a sense, because he was human. However, he woke up one morning as a giant bug of some sort. Gregor has the only job in the family and supports the family’s luxurious lifestyle, but Gregor’s new form causes them to have no income and to turn away from him. His sister decides that he should be “disposed of”, because he isn’t really Gregor, but rather an imposter that has taken him away from his family. In a deep anger, his father threw an apple at him so hard that the apple stuck in his back and got infected. The apple is important because it relates to the Bible story of Adam and Eve. The apple is Gregor’s “sin”. Eve ate from the tree, and was punished with a painful childbirth. Gregor was hit with an apple and that was symbolism to his “sin”. His sin was that he had turned into a bug and in return, his family deserted him. The meaning of Gregor’s metamorphosis was his love. Gregor loved his family even when they no longer wanted him.
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