What Type of Learner Are You

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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1 the statement never or almost never applies to you
2 the statement sometimes applies to you
3 the statement often applies to you.

Part 1:
_____ I enjoy doodling and even my notes have lots of pictures, arrows, etc. in them. _____ I remember something better if I write it down.
_____ When trying to remember a telephone number, or something new like that, it helps me to get a picture of it in may head.
_____ When taking a test, I can "see" the textbook page and the correct answer on it. _____ Unless I write down directions, I am likely to get lost and arrive late. _____ It helps me to LOOK at a person speaking. It keeps me focused. _____ I can clearly picture things in my head.

_____ It's hard for me to understand what a person is saying when there is background noise.
_____ It's difficult for me to understand a joke when I hear it. _____ It's easier for me to get work done in a quiet place.
_____ Total for Part 1

Part 2:
_____ When reading, I listen to the words in my head or read aloud. _____ To memorize something it helps me to say it over and over to myself. _____ I need to discuss things to understand them.
_____ I don't need to take notes in class.
_____ I remember what people have said better than what they were wearing. _____ I like to record things and listen to tapes.
_____ I'd rather hear a lecture on something than have to read it in a textbook. _____ I can easily follow a speaker even though my head is down on the desk or I'm staring out the window.
_____ I talk to myself when I'm problem solving or writing.
_____ I prefer to have someone tell me how to do something rather than have to read the directions myself.
_____ Total for Part 2

Part 3:
_____ I don't like to read or listen to directions; I'd rather just start doing.

_____ I learn best when I am shown how to do something and then have the opportunity to do it.
_____ I can study better when music is playing.
_____ I solve problems more...
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