What True Education Should Do

Topics: High school, Education, Geometry Pages: 3 (854 words) Published: November 28, 2011
Shawn Frasier
Thursday March 8,2009
Professor Kolkmeyer ENG 91

In the Article “What True Education Should Do” by Sydney J Harris talks about what is education means to others. An average of people thinks that education is a moving sausage casing that the teacher must use to stuff into the student brain. But many people such as Socrates in the article disagree with the stuffing facts into a person, on the other hand rather draw out the skill from the student. Harris thinks that the teaching job is not to equip the students then close them up, but to help the students to unlocked the riches within.

I agree with Sydney J. Harris’s article because I can relate two experience that I witness in my life. My first experience is how I improve in math when I enter New York school when I was in Saint Martin school I was failing my math class. My final experience is how I watch the children I tutor started to improve in subjects that I did not help them.

When I was in Junior high school in Guadeloupe I did poorly in math. My math teacher was extremely strict, instead of helping students that were failing their math exams, including me, she would assign our seats in the back of the class. While the others that did very well, she would sit them in the front row seats. I really hated math and did not find any obligation to study for any of my exams because of the way my teacher was treating us. However, when I came to New York, I fell in love with math. I thought the English mathematic was very different from the French mathematic. It was clear to me and very easy to study. French mathematic did not have many possible ways to show me different and easy method on anything such as geometric, algebra, fractions. In contrast to English mathematic, there are many possible ways to search for an easy method on different mathematic topics. For example, in addition there are different ways you can...
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