What Three Qualities Do You Think Are Most Necessary for a Good Parent?

Topics: Offspring, Experience, Humans Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: November 27, 2011
Nowadays people say that not everyone is capable of upbringing a child. Parenthood, which used to be a natural status for almost anyone, is now the source of long debates among couples and a very profitable field to writers and publishers. First of all, a good parent should be a good listener, a person who understands what his or her child needs. Parents that listen are supportive people who put aside their high expectations and will keep their ears open for their young offspring, ready to advise no matter what. Secondly, patience must characterize every person who is bringing up children. That means that we must be ready to forgive the mistakes of the inexperienced , young children and that we must help them not with violence , arguing and patronizing but by drawing the line, setting the right example and being steady and consistent. Finally, I believe that parents ought not to consider their children as an expansion of themselves. They should not be egocentric and they should find the courage to accept their children’s choices and reactions not as a battle but as if their children are showing them the way to how to be a better parent, teaching them the important values of equality and mutual respect. In conclusion, I think that to be a parent is a life-changing experience and a huge responsibility. After all, the children of today are the parents of tomorow and they should be given the right example to follow later at life.

Thalia Procopíu
Director of Studies
2011, Greece
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