What the Hell Is Market Oriented

Topics: President of the United States, Customer service, Company Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: November 30, 2010
What the Hell Is ‘Market Oriented’?
The case of What the Hell is ‘Market Oriented’ analyses the Wolverine Controller Company. The company’s president and vice presidents had gathered to examine why their sales and earnings were off and market share was down in all product lines. The president calls a meeting in French Link, Indiana to observe the problems and solve them with his Vice Presidents. In the beginning of the meeting the president emphasizes the seriousness of the problems and gives a clue about how to survive. According to him the only way to get out of this mess is for them to become customer driven or market oriented. While he points out the way of run from this mess is ‘Market Oriented’, the marketing vice president understands it ‘Marketing Oriented’ and this is why the company cannot deal with problems because they are lack of communication and interaction. In this meeting every vice president defended on his or her department. Namely they do not see the departments as a whole; they just act as a self-centered. For example; according to the sales VP, if they have more salespeople, the company can grow faster, Manufacturing VP points out the hurdles occur because of the lack of technology in machinery, each vice president imply their department’s issues but no one does not imply the most important recipe: ‘Market Oriented’. Therefore what is ‘Market Oriented’? According to the text, if you have one sentence for ‘Market Oriented’ it should be ‘A set of process touching on all aspects of the company’ and it has three characteristics make a company market driven or market oriented. 1- ) Information on all important buying influences permeates every corporate function This topic emphasizes the condition for being market oriented needs to understood the markets and people who want to buy its products and services. It is important for companies to choose them a customer segment because companies cannot satisfy all of their customers equally and...
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