What the Bleep Do We Know

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  • Published : May 13, 2007
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The movie took a rather pseudo-scientific / spiritual approach to explain its creator's viewpoint of human though and emotion by bombarding the viewer with quantum physics, psychology, molecular biology, physicians, spiritual teachers, etc. It wasn't until about half way into the film, that their vision started to become clear. Ultimately, their point is that it is possible, and perfectly acceptable, to create your own reality in any way you want by using positive thinking, or by using self-affirmation.

Although the movie seemed to stretch the scientific "evidence" to match their viewpoint, a few enlightening points were made that will affect my own sense of self-awareness and ultimately how I interact with and motivate people. Perhaps the most basic concept the movie tried to convey was the idea that human thought and emotion are actually only a self-serving perception of some "true reality."

This concept that thought and emotion are only perception is actually quite useful in managing people and in the workplace in general. I think most would agree that people often express their thoughts and emotions based on identities they have placed on previous perceptions of that emotion. To clarify, people subconsciously associate current thoughts and emotions with those of the past, and simply mimic the actions. Unfortunately, not all people's previous perceptions are the same. Therefore, there is the possibility for one's thoughts and emotions to be misconstrued, especially in a diverse workplace because different cultures tend to express emotions and thoughts in slightly different manners.

Although there is no way to look at a person and predict how they will perceive my expression of thoughts or emotions; nor is there a way for me to be confident that I am perceiving their thoughts and emotions as they had expected. However, after viewing this film, I realize that I am often too passive in improving my self-awareness of how I express my...
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