What the Bill of Rights Means to Me

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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What does the Bill of Rights mean to me? The Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments of the Constitution. It has different meanings for everyone. It means many different things to me today. The Bill of Rights affects me in many different ways such as what I believe, what I say, and what other freedoms I have.

The first amendment affects me in many different ways in every day life. It talks about freedom of press, speech and religion. This amendment is one of the most important to me. Without it I wouldn’t be able to be Catholic. Without the first amendment, I might be in danger of persecution like Christians many years ago. In addition, the first amendment says that I can write and say whatever I want. Without this amendment, many of the essays and speeches I wrote for school would not be allowed. I like to be able to express myself through words and writing and the first amendment allows me to do that.

Other amendments, such as the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th, could affect me in the future. For example if I get into any sort of legal trouble, I have the right to trial, (amendment 6.) Also, any sentencing of me or any family member weshould ever have to go through could not be excessive or cruel and unusual(amendment 8.) Amendment 2 says that I have the, “right to bear arms.” This will effect more in the future if I would have to care for myself or a family. In addition, amendment 4 says that no one has the right to search my house or any other property of mine without a search warrant. This ensures me that I will have privacy and no one will be able to invade that privacy without a good reason. The Bill of Rights gives me many freedoms that people years ago had to live without. Their privacy was often invaded by having to do things like house soldiers(amendment 4), or have their property searched for no reason. People many years ago also could have been forced to worship a certain religion. They might have been persecuted if they failed to obey....
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