What Strategies Might You Employ to Encourage Pupils to Behave Appropriately? Describe How You Might React to Incidents of Bullying and Violence:

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  • Published : May 8, 2011
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To encourage pupils to behave appropriately, the strategies I will employ are: 1.Keep rules to a minimum. Too many rules make it difficult for pupils to remember and follow them. 2.Be proactive. This means preparing things in advance and taking action before something happens to prevent the pupils, group or class from working well. Advance planning and preparation is essential to avoid disruption. 3.Work within a clear framework. As directed by the teacher, organize work and give pupils clear instructions/explanations so to minimize opportunities for disruption. 4.Set goals for lessons/activities. Have appropriate and realistic goals for a given set of conditions. 5.Be positive. Encourage pupils to keep the goals through rewards and other positive incentives. Reward positive behaviour using verbal and/or written praise, stickers, or merit points for behaviour not just academic achievement. 6.Be realistic about pupils’ behaviour. Accept that pupils will be inquisitive, nosy and messy at times. Work with the teacher to organize a pupil-oriented environment and implement activities in areas where pupils can concentrate without too many distractions. 7.Be alert to signs of potential bad behaviour and nip it in the bud, e.g. poor concentration, excessive chatter or fidgeting. 8.Ignore certain behaviour. It may be appropriate to ignore some unwanted behaviour especially attention-seeking or behaviour that is not dangerous or life-threatening. 9.Be consistent. Once rules, goals and boundaries have been negotiated and set, stick to them. 10.Know your pupils. An awareness of a pupil’s home background, previous behaviour in class/school and their abilities (including any special educational needs) influences the way you respond to disruptive pupils. 11.Take account of time. The time of day, week or year affects how pupils behave: tiredness and poor concentration at the end of the day, stress and anxiety prior to SATs, excitement and lack of concentration before...
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