What Specific Functions Should an Hr Unit Carryout?

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Human resource management plays a substantial role in any organization because it provides workforce at the right time at the right place. In order to be productive and efficient the organization must follow the ethical guidelines. The HRM process should be based on transparency and must ensure that everything is according to the norms and ethics of business conduct. Today Organizations are facing an ethical dilemma, that’s why organizations are moving towards outsourcing In order to overcome certain problems. Organizations which involve in unethical practices may lose their good employees, face low productivity and conflicts amongst employees. The secret of successful multinational companies is their ethical standards. They have business code of conduct in written involves the ethical guidelines for the business and they feel themselves socially responsible. In making decisions the human resource management should consider alternative solutions to the needs of the business as well as the effects the decisions will have on the lives of the employees. Unethical behavior in an organization causes:

* De-motivate employees
* Good employees leave the company
* Attract unethical employees
* Lead to lack of interest by the employees for the company An HRM-specific ethic can at least partially justified due to business ethic’s inability to address the complexity and growing visibility of HRM-related ethical dilemmas such as a lack of ethical leadership development. The following rationale further supports an HRM-ethic: (a) Success of people and work-related system depends on values and morals as much as on benefits, personal policies, skills or knowledge. (b) Influences internal to organizations such as flatter and leaner structures and empowerment, and external forces, such as globalization...
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