What Society Expects of Its Criminal Justice System

Topics: Crime, Criminal justice, Police Pages: 4 (1337 words) Published: July 27, 2008
What Society Expects of its Criminal Justice System

The Criminal Justice System is in place to ensure the safety of everyone in the community. Society needs to feel safe in their everyday lives and the justice system helps to provide that security. The people that work for the system are seen as people that can be looked up to because of their position. This is especially true for police officers. They can have the temptation to do something that is corrupt on a daily basis. Whether or not they want to give in to the temptation is how to tell if they are actually wanting to make a difference or just taking advantage of their position. The Justice system is in place to keep people safe and at the same time it is there to deal with the criminals that were brought in to keep the citizens safe. The criminals that are brought in by the police officers have rights and needs just the same as any other person does. Expectations

Society expects the justice system to protect them in whatever way is possible. The police are expected to be able to patrol around and protect people at any given point. Trust is an issue when it comes to police officers and citizens. According to Gilmour (2008) Citizens need to feel trusted themselves before they will trust the police in the same way they are being trusted. The police are employed to enforce the law and to maintain order in the community in which they are working. Police officers are public servants that are employed to help citizens when they need help with various problems. The duties of officers include dealing with crimes, assisting a person when they need help with their car or assisting people in natural disasters. Any event in which a person may need help there is usually a police officer there to help. When the power goes out they help to control traffic at busy intersections, and even help as a crossing guard at schools.

Police officers are the first line of the Justice system. From the officers it goes up...
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