What Social Media Means to Me

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Social Media

Social Media. What can one say about it? There are two opinons on this subject, like there is on practically everything. A) People who are against it. B) People who are for it. The first lot of people mainly consist of people who are far too old for the ongoing computer age and wish to go back to simpler times and concerned parents who feel that social media is the 'root of all evil' and the sole cause of decadence in today's youth. I, like the majority of the people of this day and age , believe in digital media. I'm not denying that it has its drawbacks. A lot, actually. But if one were to weigh the pros and cons, in moderation, social media is far more of a boon than a bane. Although the list of social media sites is endless, I'm only going to talk about sites which I frequently visit. Which basically are - Facebook and YouTube. Both these sites have become an integral part of my day to day life.

Until say the end of the 10th standard, Facebook wasn't really achieving its goal for me, that is, keeping me connected with my near and dear ones, as pretty much everyone who I interacted with on Facebook, I met every single day in school, but after my Boards, when my friends were split up into the people who decided to stay back in school or go to college, I've now realized that if it wasn't for Facebook, I would have lost touch with most of them. I think that Facebook is a great way of knowing what's going on, and keep others informed about what's going on too. A few months ago, both my parents joined Facebook (much to my chagrin), and discovered scores of long lost friends, some, who they wouldn't have spoken to, in say, 20-30 years. Yes, Facebook does bring the world a whole lot closer, doesn't it. Above all of this, though, I believe that Facebook's best feature is that is serves as an excellent birthday reminder, something I am heavily indebted to.

YouTube. Let's just cut to the chase. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to sit at...
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