What Should We Do?

Topics: American football, Female, Boy Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: May 26, 2013
An issue in sports, that makes some people mad, is girls not being able to play in boy sports that much, and boys not being able to play in girl sports. It doesn't matter what gender you are, some girls are better then boys, and some boys are better then girls, then there are equals. A girl on a boy's Baseball team could be good, bad, or an addition, it's not a bad thing. For all we know, the girl could the the best on the team.

The only sport girls shouldn't be able to play on with boys, is Football. No matter how big you are, you are still a big target, and someone gets hurt EVERY game it seems. Boys are the only people you see playing Football these days, and girls watch and cheer. Boys are usually the reckless ones that TRY to get hurt, and most girls try to get out of the way. Girls could get hurt, and boys could get hurt. THe game is dangerous, and some think girls should stay out of the boys league in Football.

Boys shouldn't play Softball, because they might hit to hard, pitch the wrong way, hit the wrong way, or harm a girl trying to get onto a base. Boys have Baseball, and in that game, you hit HARD, you throw HARD, you run HARD, and you TRY to knock over anyone in your way. In Softball it seems, you run as carefully as possible, throw lightly, and hit semi-hard. They're made for the different genders, in a way. Boys actually like to get hurt, and girls fear getting hurt. The aggresive gender (boys) should'nt play with the semi-easy gender (girls) made for the semi-easy gender.

Last sport, is Soccer. Soccer is a sport, worldly liked by ALL genders, and the teams are usually mixed. Boys play with or against girls, and girls play with or against boys. There is no disadvantage in Soccer, you just run for long distances, sprinting some of it, and kick a ball into a goal. It's not that aggresive, until the older leagues come into play. Those games aren't recreational, they are for the win. But, I think in Soccer, girls should be...
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