What Should Be Done About the Issue of Kashmir

Topics: Kashmir, Kashmir conflict, Pakistan Pages: 6 (2701 words) Published: December 13, 2012
The issue of Kashmir has been the center of many debates and has even at times led to war between the three countries Pakistan, India and China who each occupy territory in Kashmir. In the Partition of India and Pakistan Kashmir with a Muslim majority was immediately occupied by India and ever since then the conflict has continued. India occupies 43% of Kashmir and believes that the whole of Kashmir is a part of India and thus should be united with India. Pakistan occupies 37% of Kashmir however the government believes that the people of Kashmir have the right to decide their own fate. China who occupies 20% of Kashmir believes that their occupied territory of Kashmir is a part of China (Maps of Jammu and Kashmir, 2006). Three wars have taken place between India and Pakistan over the issue of Kashmir. Indian Military controls its part of Kashmir where the majority of residents are Muslims, acts of violence and violations of human rights is a common occurrence in Indian controlled Kashmir because the people are against Indian rule. Conferences between the three countries mostly between Pakistan and India have been held every year however an agreement has not yet been reached (Bose., 2003). The issue of Kashmir is one of great importance mostly to India and Pakistan and has resulted in significant conflicts between the two countries which is why it is important to find a solution to this problem. The purpose of this paper is to explore the causes behind the Kashmir dispute and to come up with a solution that is in the best of interests of Kashmir and keeps the peace between India and Pakistan. Before the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 Kashmir was ruled by Hindu Maharajahs even though the majority of the population was Muslim. Due to its large Muslim population Pakistan assumed that Kashmir would be allocated to it however uncertainly surrounded the allocation of Kashmir. In October 1947 Muslims in Kashmir began to protest for the liberation of Kashmir and tribals from Pakistan entered Kashmir hoping to free Kashmir from the rule of Hindus (Tristam, 2008). The Maharajah in desperate need of military support made a deal with India that if the Pakistani tribal’s could be pushed back he would hand over Kashmir to Indian rule (Bose., 2003). Indian government sent in military to occupy Kashmir. With the Indian intervention matters got worse until the issue was taken to the UN by both countries. The UN passed resolution 47 on 21st April 1948 that called for immediate ceasefire and for Pakistan to leave Kashmir alone. India was allowed to keep minimum military presence in Kashmir. This was supposed to be a temporary solution. The UN planned on allowing Kashmir to make its own decision regarding its fate however the resolutions passed after that were not binding and India and Pakistan chose to ignore the UN. Pakistan occupied some parts of Kashmir while India held on to the majority (Bose., 2003). At the time of the partition India invaded Kashmir against the choice of its people and has since then considered Kashmir as a part of India however neither the UN nor Pakistan recognize this. Indian government argues that Kashmir was handed over to them by the Maharaja of Kashmir through the treaty of “Instrument of Accession” (Kashmir - The History, 2010). When the Indian army entered Kashmir a “line of control” was established between Indian and Pakistani controlled Kashmir and ever since then India has considered their controlled Kashmir a part of India. Despite the constant bitterness of the Kashmiri people India refuses to acknowledge Kashmir as “disputed territory” and discuss the issue at length with Pakistan (Kashmir - The History, 2010). The Indian government has been reluctant to talk with Pakistan and address the fact that Kashmir is the core issue of tension between the two countries. In the past decade however India has decreased its militant forces in Kashmir after pressure from the international community to create...
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