What Ruins Love

Topics: Love, Emotion, Lust Pages: 4 (1438 words) Published: April 30, 2013
What ruins Love?

Everyone knows that love is hard to come by but what they don’t know is how to handle it when it does come by. Many things in life can destroy a happy marriage or the perfect relationship. Relationships are not pitch perfect as they show in movies. To be in relationship it is essential to take a responsibility to stick with it when things go wrong. Dishonesty, long distance, mistrust, misunderstandings, difference in priorities, circumstances etc. there are endless reasons that can ruin Love. Biggest of which are Lust, Power and Greed. A philosopher Jullan Baggini says “…. At its best, however, all love is a kind a passionate commitment that we nurture and develop, even though it usually arrives in our lives unbidden. That's why it is more than just a powerful feeling. Without the commitment, it is mere infatuation. Without the passion, it is mere dedication. Without nurturing, even the best can wither and die”. Why can’t it just be a magical feeling that two people feel for each other without all the scientific and social explanations.. Love can easily be destroyed if these 3 things: Lust, Power and Greed invade the relationship.

First of all let’s talk about Lust. Lust is the most common feeling very closely associated with Love. Lust is easily confused with Love. A person in Lust thinks that he or she is in love, which is what confuses them. What does lust mean? Lust is "Very strong sexual desire.", as oppose to love which is "An intense feeling of deep affection.". When you are in love the feeling is not only made of physical attraction but also an intense feeling of fondness for the other person. Whereas in Lust, there is absence of any emotions further then of sexual nature. Lust is self-serving, love is unlimited and unselfish, and although love doesn't exclude lust, it's handy to know the difference between the two. Love is the building of a foundation of a relationship between two people where no matter whether they are in the...
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