What Role Should Parents Play in Theirchilds Eduation

Topics: Education, Parent, School Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: April 25, 2013
How does discipline help with the communication and participation of a parents engagement in their children’s education. Discipline helps your child understand that education is an important part of life, and that if you don’t do what you need to do to get an education there will be consequences are ambivalent about taking on more community responsibilities, especially when societal problems are growing, and community organizations—churches, youth organizations, settlement houses and so forth—are in even more difficulty than schools (Timpane36). Not only is the family the crucible of all subsequent educational achievement, and therefore vital in the earl years, but continued family support for learning at school is also increasingly important to achieving full potential(Bentley28). Parental involvement can be defined as the series of activities occurring between a parent and child at home or between a parent and teachers that may contribute to the child’s educational outcomes and development (Dahri&Shah32).  PTAs and PTOs have traditionally been the most common ways of involving parents in any form of school decision making(Ferrigno,Colditz&Lewis325). As successful parental behavior involves helping children with their homework, cheering them to study, answering their questions, providing guidance to take some decisions about educational matters; and developing link with the teachers and the school, and attending events arranged by the school(Choudhary,Malik,Mushtag&Tafar442).Parental involvement has consistently been associated with school success in a multitude of areas such as better achievement and behavior, lower absenteeism, and more positive attitudes toward school(Hayes567). Several studies from different parts of the world have discovered that the persistence of problems reflects not just child characteristics like dysfunctional attachment relationships, and difficult temperament also parental characteristics and parenting practices...
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